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"In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality" Alfred Steiglitz

I am a London born based photographic artist now living in Brighton with fine art photography being my main passion.

I hope to inspire my audience with my collection of images and to show the beauty and mystery of the world and to encourage them to travel and seek a deeper understanding of all the elements of it, whether it be travel, architecture, landscape, cityscape, still life or portraiture.

I originally studied painting but moved in to photography 20 years ago culminating in getting a BA(Hons) Photography degree at Westminster University which gave me the technical and historical knowledge  of art/cinema/photography to enable me to borrow and adapt different elements of genres in creating an interesting narrative to my work and specific photographic projects. I am also  a  member of Model and the Art Fund.

I have also worked in commercial and public galleries and run workshops and tutorials especially in the photographic charity and became a Trustee with them, helping to run projects.

I believe that through my work,  especially in landscape and architecture I can evoke the majesty of buildings and the inter relationship with the surrounding environment.

I also had the good fortune to travel round the world for 6 months in 2007/8  which made me appreciate different cultures and outlooks on life such as the Eastern and Western philosophies of life and the differences in wealth and poverty and the effects on the people of the world.

I am currently concentrating on portraiture which I love as you get to know and understand the sitters and try to capture the essence of the sitter and sometimes make friends with them. I also love recording the changing city architecture and urban landscape, especially in Brighton and London

I have  exhibited in private and public galleries and at art fairs, I also have my work in several art shops in Brighton .

Please contact me if you would like to purchase any of my images or go through the ecommerce section on this site, or if you have any photographic commissions you would like me to do for you, and I would be happy to discuss these with you. Please note that I do not cover weddings.

I hope you enjoy my website and range of work which will be continually updated and feel free to give me any feedback. Check out my blog for regular updates and or join my mailing list.


Please feel free to contact me by using the following contact form.

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